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The 5 Best Garage Door Openers on the Market

Sleeping in the room just above the garage has always been dreaded because of the noise that is produced when the garage door is opened and closed. Fortunately, with the advent of garage door openers noisy garage doors are now a thing of the past. Below are some of the best openers out there.

The Best Garage Door Openers

1. Chamberlain premium whisper Drive: This is the best garage opener on the market today. Manufactured by Chamberlain, this door opener costs $378.

Unique Selling Points

  • Has a power back-up system: This garage door opener operates even in power outage because it has a battery back-up system.
  • Quiet operation: It uses a belt drive system which is much quieter than other chain driven systems on the market. Therefore it offers uninterrupted sleep to people whose rooms are above the garage.
  • It has a Good Housekeeping seal which mean that the door opener is of good quality.

best garage door openers

2. Craftsman 1/2 horsepower Belt drive: Manufactured by Craftsman 1/2 horsepower belt drive is also an excellent garage door opener. Although it has less power than most openers there is so much to like about this innovative garage opener. It costs $206.

Unique Selling points 

  • Automatic lighting system: It offers bright lighting of about 200 watts that automatically comes on when the door is opened or closed. This automated lighting system keeps away criminals and helps one to find his ways through the garage with a lot of ease.
  •  Quiet operation: It uses a belt lifting system which eliminates movements in the door opener thus reducing the potential for noise.
  • Ease of use: This is due to a combination of automated lighting system, multiple remotes and key-less entry option if you lose or misplace the remotes.

3. Genie Powerlift Excelerator: This is also an excellent garage door opener. Manufactured by Genie, the Powerlift Excelerator offers numerous advantages that make it standout on the market. It costs $257.

Unique Selling Points 

  • Faster garage door operation: It opens and closes the garage door at twice the speed of most openers. This is very helpful especially in keeping away criminals on your tail.
  • Wonderful warranty: It comes with a lifetime warranty covering the garage door opener and its parts. This is very reassuring as it shows a lot of confidence in the craftsmanship of the opener.
  • Excellent safety features: It has a rolling code system that makes it impossible for criminals to listen to and recreate the code that the remote sends to the opener. The code is automatically changed every time you use it.

garageopener4. Liftmaster residential Jackshaft opener: This is garage opener produced by Liftmaster. It has a Good Housekeeping Seal meaning that it is of superior quality. It costs $304.

Unique Selling points 

  • Alternative power supply: This opener operates even when the power goes out because it has a battery back-up system.
  • Excellent safety: It uses rolling code technology which assures that a new code is sent each time the remote is used. This minimizes the risk of hacking.
  • Excellent lighting: It comes with a 200 watt light which can be placed anywhere in the garage. This promotes easy navigation in the garage.

5. Wireless keypad Stanley garage door opener: This is one of the best garage opener produced by the Stanley. Although the company closed in 1997 the opener is still available on the market today.

Uniqe Selling Points 

  1. Cheap: They are inexpensive costing approximately $26.
  2. Convenient: It has programmable key-less entries which offers convenient access to the garage without the need to carry a transmitter.

A modern garage opener is must have for every garage owner. Besides enhancing security they promote quiet garage door operations resulting in uninterrupted sleep for people occupying room located above the garage

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