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Replacing Your Garage Door Panels – Step-by-Step

Garage doors are usually big doors on garages that are opened either manually using hands or automatically using a door opener. Garage doors are made up of panels and depending on the number a garage door can be single panel garage door which consists of one panel or sectional garage door which consists of many panels.

Garage door panels just like all other things wear and tear off with time. To save money it is advisable for homeowners to replace the damaged door panel only instead of replacing the entire garage door. Replacement of the door panel is very easy as long as correct replacement panel is bought and the steps are carefully followed.

Requirements for the replacement of a garage door panel

  • Replacement panel
  • Ratchet with socket to fix bolts onto the garage door
  • Safety wears (Leather gloves and eye glasses)

Instructions for replacement of garage door panels:

  1. garagedoorreplacementpanelsThe pair of leather working gloves and eye protection glasses are worn. If the garage door has an opener, its power supply is disconnected and the garage door opener is unplugged.
  2. The garage door is opened completely and the springs are unclipped from each side of the door.
  3. The garage door is closed manually. This is done with a lot of care because the door is very heavy since it does not have springs.
  4. The hinges that connecting the door panel to the other door panels as well as the track rollers on the door panel that need to be replaced are unbolted.
  5. The panels are lifted above the one that is being replaced to get them off the way and then the old panel is removed.
  6. The new garage door panel is put into the right place and track rollers and bottom hinges are bolted onto it. The other door panels are then lowered to their correct place and then they are reattached.
  7. The door is lifted back up and the springs are reattached marking the end of the garage door panel replacement process.

How to find a garage door replacement panel for a garage door:

garage door panelsGarage door manufacturer: To find the right replacement panel for the garage door one should determine the manufacturer of his/ her garage door. Garage door panels need to fit perfectly into the garage door therefore knowledge of manufacturer will help one to find the exact match for his/ her particular garage door brand.

Width and length of the door: One should measure the length and width of his/her garage. These measurements when presented to a garage door company (such as Clopay garage door Company and Wayne-Dalton Corporation ) will help the company track down an appropriate replacement panel for the garage door.

Online retailers: One should considered buying a replacement panel online especially when local door companies cannot locate the right replacement panel for his/ her door. Besides online is one of the largest places to shop for a replacement door.

Replacement of a garage door panels is normal to every garage owner however it should be done carefully and professionally using the correct replacement panel(s) to ensure that they last for a very long time.

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