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Ordering Garage Door Windows Online

You are playing a little baseball in your front yard of your house, when your six-year-old son hits a screaming foul ball. Almost in slow motion, you watch the tumbling baseball hurl towards the garage. There is this helpless feeling as you see the ball plow into your garage door window, making that sharp “crack” of glass.

Mad, unsure, mystified are probably some of the feelings going through your mind. A “sorry daddy” tries to console you from a very sorry baseball player. The deed is done; front yard baseball season is abruptly over. You scan over the front of the garage and the broken insert and think “Now what?”

A glass insert for your garage can be a very tricky thing. It seems very simple, but for someone who has very little knowledge of home improvement, this can be a very intimidating thing. In this article, we will look at some of the solutions to buying new or replacement inserts.

Homeowners prefer garage inserts to make the front of the garage look really decorative and high end. Aside from the aesthetics of the inserts, they also help let a great deal of natural light into the garage. These inserts come in a faux (steel or plastic), acrylic, or glass.

broken garage door window

If you have a broken insert, here is the generic way to start replacing it.

  1. You are going to begin by finding a replacement for your part.
  2. Next, you will want to shut the garage door. Search the backside of the door, there should be a frame that the insert will sit on. You will see several screws that will mount the insert into the frame.
  3. Once you remove the screws, the insert should slide out. If it is stuck, take a screwdriver and slide it in between the insert and the frame. Wiggle it out to loosen; it should work itself out of the frame. Sometimes, these inserts can be wedged into the frame. Years of wear and tear from Mother Nature can cause corrosion, residue or dirt to get inside the framework. You can use a small and thin putty knife to between the insert and the frame. The metal putty knives are thin enough to force it between the two breaking anything the might be causing it to wedge or stick.
  4. If the insert is broken due to an overzealous baseball player (see above), try to reassemble the broken pieces. You need to measure the size of the insert before looking for it online. Measure the length, width, and thickness of the insert. This is important because this is how you will order them online.

Finding inserts online can be quite maddening. There are literally thousands of different styles and designs out there. First, you must have the size and dimensions of the insert. You go by this when shopping for one of these online. No matter what the style is, it all comes back to making sure it fits inside the frame on the garage door.

The Guide to Garage Door Windows

Garage inserts can come in all shapes and sizes on the house. As mentioned before, they can come in faux glass, which is a metal painted part. The faux glass has the decorative look and lasts a long time. The drawback of the faux glass is it does not let light through the pane to brighten the garage up.

The glass windows are inserts of glass that sit behind a frame. The window has some sort of decorative shape or size to it. The shape is all in the metal that sits in front of the glass. The glass is a typical block that fits behind the decorative shape. This is extremely durable against the weather, and lets a good amount of light through to the inside.

Acrylic is the most beautiful of the garage door windows. These inserts have various metals molded into the setting creating a crystalline effect. The inserts give a sparkling and prism look to the garage, which will gather much attention.

Finally, there is a combination of molded in parts being a trimmed glass piece. These can be made of glass or acrylic, and molded into a decorative frame. They can be a variety of colors to accent the outside of the garage, and give an elegant look to the door.

General Costs for the Inserts

Each of this style of inserts has a wide variety of price. The cheapest of the options is the glass insert. These will range in price from $75 to about $225. You can find these at most retailers like Lowes, Menards, and Home Depot. The glass inserts are the most common to find for glass windows and the cheapest.

garage door windows

Acrylic Window

The Acrylic inserts will be slight more expensive. Since they have a very high decorative look to them, the price is much more. The typical insert will cost you about $175 to $400 for the high-end pieces. Most of these exist through the web with custom garage door businesses.

The finished decorative frame glass is the most expensive of the garage windows. You will have to find a custom window shop to purchase this style of inserts. The price for the inserts begins at $500 and works its way up to $1200 per piece.

You can find these inserts online on:

These companies have many of the options you are budgeting and shopping for garage inserts. Be sure to review and compare the prices and styles; see what a good fit is.

Appearance is Key

Overall, glass windows for the garage really make it stand out with a formal decorative look that the neighbors will envy.

Tip:When choosing a shape and style of the insert, be sure to look at it with the style of the house. You do not want to have it clash or look awkward. If you see something, you like online, take some cardboard and mock up the shape and color. Place it on the garage and see if that fits with the decorative style of the home.

You can really make your home stand out while getting extra light to brighten up the garage. Be sure to shop around for the price, style and look that work best for your needs.

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