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How to Install Garage Door Windows

Window inserts are very important aspects of any garage door. They can be strictly functional by allowing light to enter the garage, decorative in the sense that they add a stylish and elegant look to the garage door or both functional and decorative.

Window inserts come in a wide range of styles and options which include: decorative trim, decorative acrylic lites, glass options and vinyl window parts.
Requirements for installation of window inserts:Majority of inserts share desirable characteristics such as availability in a wide range of colours, 10 years warranty against fogging and dis-colouration and worry-free PVC frame

  1. HelperHow to Install Garage Door Windows
  2. Rubber mallet
  3. Safety gear (Leather working gloves, glasses)
  4. Small flat-head screwdriver

Instructions for How to Install Garage Door Windows:

  1. The pair of leather working gloves and eye protection glasses are worn then the power supply of the garage door opener is disconnect if the garage door has an opener.
  2. The helper is asked to stand outside the garage door holding the window insert’s outer frame. This is meant to prevent the window frame from falling off the garage door when the retainers are being removed.
  3. The flat head screwdriver in then inserted on the left corner of the inner part of the frame retainers. The screwdriver is slipped under the left retainer and its end is pried away from the frame of the window. Once retainer’s end is grabbed it is slowly and completely pulled away from the window.
  4. The bottom and right side retainers are removed the same way as the left retainer after which one of the two ends of top retainer is pried up. One hand is used to hold the center of the glass and the other is used to pull away top retainer from the frame. The glass is gentle pulled from the window frame.
  5. The window insert is placed into the window frame while the helper is still holding the outside of the window frame. The glass is put back into the window frame over the insert’s back. The glass is held in place with a single hand and the top retainer is pushed back into its original place at the top side of the frame. The retainer is pressed with the thumb until the retainer’s edge spreads uniformly over the glass
  6. The three other remaining retainers are installed in the same way as the upper retainer. The rubber mallet is used to tap the top of the 4 retainers to ensure that each of them well secured to the frame. The retainers’ edges should spread tightly over the glass window to provide a firm hold.
  7. This process is repeated for all garage door windows.

garagewindowinsertstylesWhere to buy the inserts:

Online: This is one of the largest places to find garage door inserts of all types. There are several online sites that sell  inserts including garage.com which produce some of the best garage door plastic window inserts, overheaddoor.com and windsordoor.com

Local Stores: Local stores such as hardware shops and supermarkets are frequently loaded with window inserts. These  are a good places to buy inserts because besides having variety they are mostly loaded with inserts that suit the local environment.

Window inserts are a must have for any modern garage door. Besides allowing light to enter to garage they also made the garage door look stylish.

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