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How to Paint a Garage Door – Both Metal and Wood Doors

Just like the exterior house walls, even our garage door is always exposed to the atmosphere outside. It acts just like a secondary wall and protects the stuff inside out garage from the outside environment, so proper maintenance of our garage doors is a must and a nice fresh paint job can work wonders.

When to Paint Your Garage Door:

Do not decide to paint the garage door without first checking in on the weather report and forecast as you do not want the rain the disrupt everything. Make sure the day is neither too hot, or too cool but just pleasant so that the heat is just the right amount to dry the paint properly. Also the humidity needs to be less that day. how to paint a garage doorMake sure to start early in the morning so that there is enough sun time for the paint to dry up properly.

If you are wondering how to paint a garage door, then rest assured it is very easy. It is just like painting your house walls except for the change of small tactics depending upon the material of the garage door. So now let’s check out the actual steps as to how to paint your garage door.

Steps on how to paint a garage door:

  1. Surface preparation: The garage door needs to be prepared properly for a fresh paint job. The door needs to be cleaned properly and a simple surface cleaner along with a sponge can do the trick here. When that is done, using a scraper, the old paint can be properly scrapped off the surface. Also using paint solvents can help liquefy the paint and hence can be removed with ease.
  2. Sanding: After removing the paint, the door surface needs to be made even, so for this sanding the door using sandpaper or an electric sander should work just fine.
  3. Primer application: This is the most basic part of painting any surface. Make sure that the primer is applied within 24 hours of surface preparation so as to not expose the unprotected door for too long. The primer to be used depends upon the door surface, so a suitable primer must be used. The primer should be evenly applied, so the flat surfaces can be painted using a paint roller and a brush to reach the corners and tough spots. Make sure the primer is dried up properly before painting, for that check the manufacturer recommended wait time.
  4. how to paint a metal garage doorPainting: If the garage door is metal then oil based exterior acrylic paint should be perfect. For wooden doors the latex exterior paint is recommended. These paints are suitable for the surfaces, so they do not peel off and can be easily cleaned with warm soap water and soft cloth. A semi-gloss sheen is perfect to maintain as it does not really need much. If you are planning for a double coat then apply the second coat only after the first coat is fully dry, else the entire finesse of the paint will vanish.

With this the painting job of the garage door will be finished. Then all it needs is to dry up and voila! You are done. Take care that the garage with windows has the windows properly covered so that no paint gets up on it. If it does, it can be removed by scrapping it with a razor blade. The garage door paint needs to be of exterior quality and Dulux and Hammerite are good brands with quality paints that can be used. So now that you know how to paint a garage door then go make your house look more beautiful.

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