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How Garage Door Window Kits Save you Time and Money

You want a nicer looking garage with inserts but you don’t want to spend money on a professional at 50 dollars an hour. At the same time you don’t want to spend several hours researching on how to install the widow inserts. Garage door window kits are then the perfect solution providing you all the materials and clear instructions to save you both time and money.

Benefits of Garage Door Window Kits:

Garage doors are normally designed with a number of panels. It is possible to remove a panel to insert a garage door window in its place. The panel cut space is sufficient to keep the window secure in its place.

Ready-to-fix garage door window kits are available from most manufacturers of garage doors and home improvement stores. These windows are especially manufactured for the garage doors, look attractive, and have strength and durability. The window kits can eliminate the effort of searching for various parts. These kits are easily found and affordable. Moreover, they work out to be cheaper buying kits than buying individual components. They can be easily installed. If there are custom made garage doors, the custom window inserts and their respective kits can be made, too.

Measure before Buying:

When buying garage door window kits, it is important to properly measure the required size to ensure that the window will fit perfectly into the opening.

Styles of Garage Door Windows:

garage door window kitsOne can get countless number of designs including simple, classical, contemporary, and decorative designs. It is important to go for windows that will provide sufficient natural light and insulation, as well.

There are different options for types of window glasses such as plain glass, Plexiglass, obscure glass, and translucent glass designs. The translucent glass will illuminate the garage interior and keep thieves from being able to peer in. Tempered and shatter resistant glass can provide more durability. There are glass panes with inlays, textures, and other designs, as well.

What Does a Kit Include?

The garage door window kits come with everything that is required to add windows to a garage door. These windows can fit both non-insulated and insulated doors. They include:

  • Glass Pane
  • Inside Window Frame or Bezel
  • Mounting Rubber Strips
  • Hole Template
  • Installation Tools
  • Instruction sheets for installation

garagedoorwindowpanelThe frames can be painted to match the existing color. Window kits generally come in pairs for a single garage door. If there is a double-width garage door, two pairs of windows will be needed.

The different designs of garage door window panels can be selected to coordinate with the existing doors. The DIY homeowners who are familiar with these window fittings, can easily install each window in about two hours.

Garage Door Plastic Window Inserts:

The plastic window insert slips into the recesses between the outer side of the glass pane and its window frame. These window inserts are made in standard sizes and can fit the garage doors made by most manufacturers such as Clopay, Wayne Dalton , CHI, and others. Garage window plastic inserts add a designer look to the garage door. There is a wide range of inserts from usual grid inserts to elegant sunset designs. Beveled acrylic inserts work like luminous prisms. The plastic inserts can be easily removed and replaced. These are also sold in pairs.

Garage Windows Kits Price:

The cost of adding a garage door window may vary with the size, type, material, and design of the window. It may range from $100 to $300. A professional can install a garage door window in about and hour and will charge about $ 50.

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