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Garage Door Windows: A Checklist for Purchasing the right Window

Garage doors act as an opening to the garage as well as a protective shield for our belongings that are stored inside. But who said that the garage doors have to be plain and boring? A garage with windows to it of many different finishes, styles and sizes to increase the oomph factor of the garage doors.

How to Select Which Window Suits the Best:

The garage door windows compatible to the garage doors generally are dependent on the size of the garage doors themselves. The bigger the garage door, the bigger the size of windows that can be instaalled. If the door is small, then an equivalent smaller window is compatible with it. Also the number of cars in the garage can be the deciding factor. So if there are 2 cars in the garage, then two windows can be attached, 1 car means 1 window and so on.

How to Check for the Perfect Window Size:

garagedoorwindowsThis is easy if the garage door happens to be panelled. Almost all the windows manufactured are according to the standard panels on the door. So if the door has long panels, then each panel can be replaced by a single window. If the panels are short, then 2 short panels combined together can be replaced by a single window panel. The total area covered is known as a stamping area. All the windows available in the market follow the standard unless they are specially custom-made independently.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Garage Door Windows:

  1. Make sure the windows are tough and properly built. This means the edges should be proper and even and it should not hold any manufacturing defects in it.
  2. The window pane should be tough and the glass strong and tempered.
  3. It should contain proper fixing points so that attaching the window to the door should not be a problem.
  4. The window must be properly finished and must be low maintenance.
  5. garage door windowsAs much as the strength is necessary, so are the looks. Hence choose a good design and colour that suits your garage door the best.
  6. Security is always a big issue. So choose the windows carefully. The windows should not be too big or too small. Big windows can be sunny and airy, but they can give outsider a perfect view as to all the happenings and the contents inside. Similarly a small window can be claustrophobic.
  7. Make sure the windows are easy to install and remove so if there is any problem, you can take care of it yourself at home.
  8. It is always advisable to get windows attached to the top-most part of the door. this way both air and security factors are satisfied.

These tips can help you out with getting the perfect garage door windows for your garage door and increase the beauty of the house and your garage by many folds. It is a good option to have and along with the beauty it also provides air circulation to the garage interiors which are often closed completely generally giving it a typical smell. For good garage door windows options, Coach House Accents and Clopay are good brands to choose. Hence get some good windows for your garage and add some style to your home.

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